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If your business is railroad freight, we have everything you need to take your operation to a higher level. Our highly specialized team and reactive solutions help maximize the productivity and efficiency of your rail systems and operations.

Meet the new leader in track control.

Take short line track control and dispatching to a new level with TrackAccess, a fully FRA compliant track reservation system from RSS. Control your track without a controller, thanks to an advanced system that helps you enhance safety, increase productivity and reduce expenses.

TrackAccess sets the standard for safety.

  • A study by Transportation Technology Center, Inc. (TTCI) proved that TrackAccess is 8 to 16 times safer than current track warrant control (TWC) systems operating with or without computer backup.
  • Track Access' revolutionary "pack your own chute" logic and innovative technology eliminates the need to outsource responsibilities to a third party.

TrackAccess cuts your costs.

  • TrackAccess costs less than 50% of most contract dispatching services, and eliminates the cost of adding to your workforce.
  • Includes FRA 228-compliant electronic hours of service reporting at no additional expense.
  • Requires no additional technology; no new software or special devices needed.

TrackAccess enhances your productivity.

  • Eliminates wait time for authorities, bulletins or Form B type protection.
  • Bulletin system eliminates midnight deadlines for DOB requests from MOW employees.
  • Turn non-control track to control track for roadway worker protection, without a dispatcher or controller.
  • Functions with or without a dispatcher—or both.
  • Reduces training time up to 80% over TWC system training.
  • Works with standard technology already in use, such as cell phones, laptops and tablets.

See TrackAccess in action.

Stop by and meet us at booth #209 at the ASLRRA Convention in Orlando, FL, March 29-30, 2015.


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